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"El Salvador: Another Vietnam"

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By Glenn Silber and Teté Vasconcellos

53 Minutes, color / 1981

"El Salvador: Another Vietnam," the most comprehensive film introduction to that country, examines the civil war there in light of the Reagan administration's decision to "draw the line" against "communist interference" in Central America.

Archival material offers an overview of U.S. military and economic policy in Central America since 1948, while footage drawn from sources in the U.S., Mexico and Europe provides extensive background to the current political and military situation.

"A concise and persuasive documentary." -- Los Angeles Times

"The most informative documentary on the subject." -- Village Voice

** 1981 Academy Award Nominee, Best Feature Documentary
** 1982 Sundance Film Festival Winner, Best Documentary Film
** Blue Ribbon Winner, 1982 American Film Festival
** Gold Hugo Winner, 1982 Chicago Film Festival

In addition to these critic and jacket remarks it should be noted here that this film ends with Herb Mills, the then Secretary-Treasurer of ILWU Local 10, speaking about the December 1980 refusal -- and the never retracted refusal -- of the West Coast longshore union to load U.S. military aid destined for the very repressive dictatorial junta of El Salvador.


"Embarcadero Blues"

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1-hour TV documentary special

Produced by KGO-TV, San Francisco - Narrated by KGO news anchor Steve Davis

"Embarcadero Blues," a one-hour documentary special, narrated by news anchor Steve Davis, takes a close look at the increasing evolution of the historic street from a realm of workingmen to a place of leisure and corporate business.

Herb Mills, Secretary-Treasurer of ILWU Local 10, is also featured in this film. Ken Fox, an ILWU Local 34 Ship Clerk and a member of a San Francisco waterfront group of poets, writers, and artists, closes the film with a reading of his ironic poem "Tour Guide." And Bob Carson, also a member of 34 and of the just mentioned group, wrote lyrics for some of the music composed for it.

"Embarcadero Blues" focuses on how changes in shipping and the encroachment of business development is drowning the lifestyle of men who were once the mainstay of The City's waterfront.


"Longshoremen and Automation:
The Changing Face of the Waterfront"

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30 minutes
by Berry Minott and Doug Weihnacht
Narrated by Ed Asner

The docks in San Francisco and the lives of the people who worked them changed dramatically when containerization - packing and shipping goods in truck-sized cargo containers - came to the waterfront. This documentary explores how technological innovation ended a way of life, transforming some longshoremen from blue collar laborers into writers and philosophers.

And with these jacket remarks it should also here be noted that Herb Mills appears in this film while working as a ship clerk on a Matson container ship.


"Longshoremen At Work"

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by Brian Nelson, Frank Silva, Michael Vawter

This film spans twenty-five years of ILWU longshore history in San Francisco and Oakland from 1969 to 1994. Its images and sounds recount a dramatic story of change in our working lives, our industry, and our port.

First produced in 1979, it was shown at poetry readings presented by the Waterfront Writers and artists. Now transferred to DVD, this work of art stands as both a memorial to our colorful past and a tribute to our work and our union with on another.

This film was photographed and composed by:
Brian Nelson, ILWU Ship Clerk Local 34, Retired.
Frank Silva, ILWU Ship Clerk Local 34, Retired.
Michael Vawter, ILWU Longshore Local 10, Active.



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